Educational processes are universal mechanisms of the humanity progress promotion. Huge significance of knowledge can’t be rationally estimated despite its objective and fact-based nature. However within the framework of the logic and irrational (based on feelings and emotions) perception of the world around, knowledge plays a key role as an informational basis and an incentive for actions, deeds and any form of personal creative activity. Moreover knowledge helps adequately assess and transform products of activity of the society members into positive experience. Knowledge of previous periods is reproduced in new deeper and wider information. It is a continuous chain of evolution of human consciousness. Without it any future development of civilization is impossible. Intellect of every separate person interacts with others and together they all form collective social mentality. Social outlook promotes the process of socialization and upbringing of the growing generation. Talking about the limitless value of knowledge and educational processes for the mankind we should admit similar significance of the Educational science – a branch of science, a social institute and an actual mechanism, directed to formation and improvement of methods of development and dissemination of knowledge. Historical retrospective and optimal methodology of efficient development of human knowledge show that such major factors of social life as education and Pedagogy are tightly connected and interdependent (despite formal logical differences and subject-based independence). It a case of perfect combination and interaction of the form and contents of one of the most progressive areas of social reality.

Mission of the journal «GISAP: Educational Sciences» is to be one of alternative and open ways of publication of author's studies in the field of teaching and educational technologies. It is also a source of distribution of the advanced knowledge about contents and methodology of development of human intellect and social culture.

The journal is focused on publication of original creative studies of scientists from around the world based on innovative and progressive approaches of authors to problems under study. In this context «GISAP: Educational Sciences» seeks for the greatest possible promotion of the progress of Education and the related public knowledge.

Materials with expert confirmation of high scientific quality and creative originality are published in the journal. This circumstance predetermines our intention to publish "live" materials with comprehensive author's ideas and specifics of self-expression. We publish reports capable to enrich the reader's scientific outlook with new approaches, concepts, thoughts and views on various matters of education, theory and practice of teaching.

The journal is absolutely democratic and open for social interaction. During the selection of materials for publication we don't use formal qualification-based requirements or other restrictive factors. Works of a talented student and a prominent scientist can be both published in the journal. The main selection criteria: the author's originality, novelty, literacy and scientific reasonability (together it all characterizes the "scientific value" of the report).

Original studies of representatives of various countries and cultures can be published in the magazine. At the same time to ensure availability of reports for representatives of the international scientific community (where English is a traditional mechanism of international communication) English is set as the dominating language of presentation of reports.

Main materials can be published in the journal in other widespread (acknowledged as widespread) languages of international communication and also in other languages providing their understanding for a wide range of persons. In such cases materials must be accompanied by extended summaries (abstracts) in English.

The International Academy of Science and Higher Education and the open international expert community of the GISAP project sincerely hope that the journal «GISAP: Educational Sciences» (taking into account the declared principles of its publication) will promote the development of related branches of science, mutual enrichment of national scientific schools of various countries with knowledge and experience, international ties and scientific cooperation in education, theory and practice of teaching.